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Make the annoying people Shut up!

Shut 'em up is a shoot 'em up game (whoa!) where you must deal with different kinds of annoying people by shouting words at them. Be prepared to deal with angry dudes, snobs and sadboys in your quest for tranquility!

  • Use arrows to move
  • Press to shoot
  • Press to change your "weapon"
  • Hit the enemies with words of the same color!

We are the Loloboys!

  • Project Lead: Alexander Godolphim
  • Programming: Marcelo Kupac, Marina Poester, Alexander Godolphim
  • Art: Monicque Nogueira
  • Design? : Leonardo Tagliaro

  • Game Engine: Game Maker Studio 1.4
  • Vector art: Inkscape
  • Digital painting: Adobe Photoshop

This game was made as part of the GameDev Society UFRGS's Game Jam #3 in under 30 hours. We thank everyone who participated in this amazing event! 


shut_em_up.zip 11 MB

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