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Pretty neat stuff!


*Rawr* ! I played your game, had fun! Would be awesome if this concept was expanded on and given a whole game of drama/mystery/story/multiple endings and consequences to failure over the course of a longer game!

Thank you for playing and recording this amazing video!

Sorry if it was too short. Since it was going to be played on a big event (Brasil Game Show) we made the game to last 5 minutes and in Portuguese so everyone could play.

A lot of people liked the concept, so we are thinking of creating a complete game following the same idea, with a story, improvements and in English, of course.

Sincerely, The "GameDev Society UFRGS" Team

No need to apologize for the shortness, I expect Gamejam type of entries to be short, since deadlines are usually 24 hours or 3 days average. Can't wait to see the next game :P

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Valeu pela iniciativa, mas poderia pelo menos

colocar um botãozinho de sair no jogo, né?

O jogo é pra celular, essa build é só pra facilitar o teste ;)