A downloadable game for Windows and Android

We thank the youtuber Neco the Sergal for this amazing gameplay video!

This game was developed during the Rede Globo Brasil Game Jam at Brasil Game Show 2016, in São Paulo - Brazil. We thank the organizers of the event for such an amazing opportunity.


You are in control of the gates in a Maximum Security prison. A satanic cult has invaded the prison and is about to murder everyone. Can you save the bad guys lives?

How to play

Use your mouse and click on the cameras to switch view. Click on the floating arrows to open doors and allow the prisoners to pass.

About the Developers

Team: GameDev Society UFRGS

  • Marcelo Vasques - Programming & Game Design
  • Giovanni Tagliaro - 2D Art
  • Leonardo Tagliaro - Programming & Level Design

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip-file. Execute "Supermax_EscoltaNoturna.exe" to start playing.


gds-supermax-escoltanoturna.zip 26 MB
escoltanoturna.apk 34 MB


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Pretty neat stuff!


*Rawr* ! I played your game, had fun! Would be awesome if this concept was expanded on and given a whole game of drama/mystery/story/multiple endings and consequences to failure over the course of a longer game!

Thank you for playing and recording this amazing video!

Sorry if it was too short. Since it was going to be played on a big event (Brasil Game Show) we made the game to last 5 minutes and in Portuguese so everyone could play.

A lot of people liked the concept, so we are thinking of creating a complete game following the same idea, with a story, improvements and in English, of course.

Sincerely, The "GameDev Society UFRGS" Team

No need to apologize for the shortness, I expect Gamejam type of entries to be short, since deadlines are usually 24 hours or 3 days average. Can't wait to see the next game :P

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Valeu pela iniciativa, mas poderia pelo menos

colocar um botãozinho de sair no jogo, né?

O jogo é pra celular, essa build é só pra facilitar o teste ;)